Frequently Asked Questions

At Overlake Family Medicine our goal is to provide individuals and families with comprehensive medical care in a personal setting.

Can I drop by and get my blood work done anytime?

You need to have seen one of our physicians for the condition for which your blood work is being done, and the physician will leave an order in the chart specifying which tests are to be done. Once an order is in your chart, you may schedule a blood draw during office hours. We strongly discourage blood testing for physicals from being done before the physical, as the physician cannot know exactly what tests will be needed until he/she has a chance to meet with you.

Do I have to fast for my physical?

For people who will be getting specific tests, including a cholesterol panel or blood sugar test, please plan to fast for eight to twelve hours prior to the blood draw. (Fasting means having nothing to eat or drink except water). If your physical is in the afternoon, or you are unable to fast for other reasons, you may return on a separate day for the fasting test. Please note that blood cannot be drawn if you have been fasting more than 16 hours.

How do I get a refill of my medication?

For prescription refills, please contact your pharmacy which will then contact us to confirm the refill. Please allow 48 business hours to process a refill request. If it has been a year or more since you were seen in the clinic, you will need to set up an appointment before refills are authorized. Medications such as antibiotics or narcotics will not be refilled by phone and require an office visit. If you get your prescriptions by mail, please bring the appropriate forms with you to your visit so the physician can order your medications at that time. It is always a good idea to bring your medications with you to your appointment.

What forms of payment are accepted?

If we are a contracted provider with your insurance provider, we will bill them directly. For co-payments and cash-paying patients, you may pay by cash, check or credit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Please contact 425-378-8190 extension 116 for any billing questions.